Before Boarding
You will need to bring aeroguard, food, drinks and toiletries, binoculars, hats, sunscreen, camera, fishing gear and don't forget a few favourite DVD's and CD's. There is plenty of cupboard space but try to pack everything in soft bags rather than suitcases - they will fit better.
If you have a current car licence and you are aged over 21, you will be able to skipper our houseboat. You will have a 1 to 2 hour training showout beforehand to ensure a safe holiday. All boats are designed to travel at about 7 kph.
Yes you can, there is a ski hitch on the side. (Murray Entertainer on swimdeck)
We suggest you buy the bulk of your dry food before boarding in Adelaide Supermarkets or alternatively at Renmark. Renmark has Woolworths and Foodland. The Riverland is a Fruit Fly Area. You cannot bring any fruit from Adelaide anymore even if you have a receipt. Fruit has to be purchased at Renmark.
Yes, it is fresh water, and it is safe to swim. There are no sharks or crocodiles. Diving is not recommended.
Murray Cod, Callop, Redfin, Catfish and Carp as well as yabbies. The best bait is prawns, worms, shrimps and bacon. Check the fishing guide on board. There are a couple of yabbie nets on board.
Murray Explorer is supplied with all linen (sheets and towels). The kitchen is fully stocked with washing powder and dishwashing tablets, insect spray, kitchen sponges, cutlery, crockery and glasses, including wine & port glasses. There is a microwave in the kitchen and a stainless steel 4 burner BBQ on the foredeck. The boat has plenty of outdoor furniture and there are also spare blankets in the bedrooms. We have a 240 volt system so you can bring your mobile phone charger and hairdryer and plug them in on board. There is permanent power in the bedrooms for the use of CPAP machines.
You have 400 ltrs of fresh water onboard for drinking from our own rainwater tanks.
The fridge is a large fridge freezer with plenty of space, there is also a 100 litre esky for ice & drinks. Ice can be purchased from Renmark BWS or Woolworths.